Our goal is that each individual’s sleep is treated in an appropriate, balanced, knowledgeable, needs-orientated, personalised, and professional manner. This is supported by the treatment philosophy of Löwenstein devices which is efficiency – achieving the balance of an excellent result through just-right amounts of treatment pressure, rather than overdoing it and bringing negative side effects.


Löwenstein Medical are a premium respiratory device manufacturer in Germany that has developed leading-edge technology in healthcare and homecare breathing support. We at Santé Global work closely in partnership with Löwenstein Medical for the distribution of sleep therapy devices, masks, and sleep and non-invasive ventilation BiLevel/TriLevel devices within Australia. Santé’s mission involves ensuring unsurpassed quality, clinical efficacy, sustainable outcomes, support, and servicing. This mission applies to the valuable cohorts of both end-users and sleep professionals alike. We recognise the need to achieve the right balance, efficiency, and personalisation when treating the everyday condition of sleep apnoea, as well as more complex respiratory issues.

Löwenstein products have been well received in Australia thanks to the high-level of build quality and treatment quality. Thousands of devices have been distributed, setup, trialled and purchased in Australia through professional, clinical networks, with existing users of other market-leading devices consistently giving feedback of a more recuperative and quieter treatment experience on the Löwenstein devices, with effectively normalised AHI (Apnoea Hypopnea Index) alongside less pressure fluctuation and less overall pressure compared to what they normally receive. In fact, at Santé we affectionately refer to the Löwenstein devices as the best treating in the world – not a statement we make lightly!


The German company “Löwenstein Medical” has longstanding roots in fields of medical science, beginning with neonatology, the specialist ICU care of newborn infants, especially the ill or premature. The company was founded in 1986 when Reinhard Löwenstein came on board with the long-established company Heinen, creating Heinen + Löwenstein. Throughout the 1990s the company made continuous inhouse developments in the areas of anaesthesia and ventilation and continued to expand into sleep diagnostics and homecare sleep treatment devices, particularly with the acquisition of German respiratory device manufacturer “Weinmann” based in Hamburg, in the years 2013 – 2016. The new generation of Löwenstein Medical homecare sleep therapy devices were developed in 2016-17 and quickly conquered German & European markets, turning the quality Weinmann brand into next-level leading devices through the combined touch of expertise borne from delicate care of newborns and knowledge of high-end ventilation technology.

Löwenstein Medical remains to this day one of the world’s leading medical technology businesses with 2100 employees and 12 companies worldwide, remarkably supplying a complete product portfolio in the area of respiratory therapy from homecare devices right up to clinical intensive care ventilation units. With decades of experience and expertise in the development, production, and distribution of life-sustaining medical technology, Löwenstein Medical remains under family ownership, giving the company the control and independence to see through its corporate mission statement – “We make every customer happy and treat each one as we would like to be treated as customers.”

Our Mission “Our innovative solutions improve the care of patients.”

Our Vision “We are one of the world’s leading companies in hospital, homecare and diagnostics.”


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