German manufactured – unmatched quality and the quietest device in the world!

18 July 2022

Germany is a country known for attention and care to manufacturing products that are solid, strong, and well put together. This is especially seen in motor vehicles, appliances and devices. Not everyone is aware of (but many doctors and physicians will confirm for you) how highly regarded and respected German technology is in medical products and treatments.

Löwenstein sleep apnoea devices are a great example of the quality properties of German products, combined with cutting-edge medical technology. Strong, robust, and top-grade components are used from the very heart of the device (the turbine that delivers air pressure) through to the firmly mounted plastics on external surfaces. Below are some pictures of the turbines used in the Lowenstein devices and a brief comparison table, no cost has been spared with the turbine as it is the workhorse of the device, without it the device does not treat! Both of these turbines used in differing models of Löwenstein Prisma devices have a lot to like about them, they are finely engineered, made by highly reputable European companies, and have metal casing with a design that is durable, sensationally quiet, and smooth running.

Features Löwenstein Prisma Device Turbines


Prisma Touch Screen Devices Prisma SMART & SOFT Series
Company/description Micronel Swiss-engineered medical radial blower ebmpapst German centrifugal fan

Power More powerful, design is capable of up to 40 cmH20


Less powerful
Precision Highly precise, even with enormous leak (due to power)


Highly precise, may struggle with enormous leak at high pressures
Quietness Slightly quieter – likely the quietest on the market


One of the quietest devices/fans widely available
Smoothness Exceptionally refined and smooth, hand-balanced, lightweight rotor with low inertia


Smooth, but not so finely refined/tuned
Service Life Not published, estimated 25,000 hours


22,500 hours