Löwenstein Sleep Therapy’s Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

15 July 2022

1. What is special about Löwenstein and their devices?

Löwenstein Medical are a German respiratory device manufacturer right up to high-end ICU ventilators. They pride themselves on offering the highest quality and most appropriate and comfortable treatment technology. We consider the devices as the best available for sleep treatment outcome, not only are they built to be long-lasting and robust; more importantly the treatment pattern (auto in particular) is designed to achieve the delicate balance of not overcompensating or undercompensating.

2. Where do I find the device serial number?

Face the screen and look on the right-side triangular face of the device. There are 2 rubber covers, pull away the lower one to reveal the SD card slot.

3. Do Löwenstein devices offer remote connectivity?

Yes, the most popular Löwenstein devices offer remote reporting and therapy changes via an online cloud platform called Prisma CLOUD. Transmissions are via cellular modem, the Prisma SMART & SOFT max devices have this capability inbuilt & Prisma touch screen devices offer the capability when a modem is connected.

4. What is SoftPAP function?

SoftPAP is the Löwenstein name for pressure relief which provides reduced pressure during expiration. 1 is mild relief, 2 is moderate-high relief. 3 is available on Prisma20C/20A only and provides additional support on inspiration as well as moderate-high relief.

5. What is “Std” and “Dyn” options on APAP mode?

These are 2 different algorithm modes available with the auto devices (Löwenstein auto mode is highly popular).

“Std” (Standard) is gentle compared to dynamic, especially useful for a new user becoming accustomed. It is a proven therapy for apnoea, hypopnea, RERA, snoring and in low pressure ranges the mild flow limitations (or ‘flattening’).“Dyn” (Dynamic) combines the same proven principles with more intense and quicker response to snoring, and more response to mild flow limitations. This can prove more proactive. Some users have a preference one way or the other depending on their comfort and needs.

Santé understands that every patient is unique and that there is no compromise when it comes to the quality of product or health-giving. Santé supplies professional sleep solutions that support wearer comfort, skin compatibility, usability, clinical efficacy, sustainable business outcomes and unique features to suit budget and specific requirements. The Löwenstein range of PAP therapy products from Santé utilises leading-edge technology in healthcare and homecare breathing support to improve the lives of those that suffer from sleep disorders and respiratory conditions. Talk to us today for more information.