CARA Full Face Mask L

This listing is for the L (Large) CARA full face mask. Click here for S (Small) & Click here for M (Medium).


CARA full face masks are a universal full face option. The CARA range of masks are premium quality with many exceptional features (see product features). The following video provides a thorough tutorial on using the CARA full face mask.

Product Downloads

Advertising Material & Technical Information

CARA Masks Brochure & Specification Sheet

Declaration of Confirmity

CARA Masks Declaration of Conformity

Manuals & Notices

CARA Full Face Mask User Manual

CARA Masks Disinfection Notice

Product Features

Key Features of the CARA Full Face Mask:

» Award winning mask – CARA Nasal was awarded the international design prize Focus Open in 2018.
» Sensational Silence – The exhalation system located near the ball-&-socket joint has slotted openings yielding a subtle diffuse air flow to the sides. The diffuse system has been perfected in the CARA family of masks.
» Mask Cushion – The soft & supple cushion fits snugly
& hugs the contours of the face.
» Lightweight – CARA full face weighs less than a small bunch of grapes.
» Ball-&-socket joint – 360° with 3D rotation (via rotating sleeve) for freedom of movement.
» Rotating sleeve – small component that is removed to easily connect to breathing tube, it then clicks back onto the ball-&-socket joint where it can freely rotate.
» Headgear – CARA headgear has been given the internationally recognized OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 seal by the independent Hohenstein Institute. Upper portion of headgear can be adjusted for a perfect fit on any head size.
» Forehead Support – Dual option for headgear straps to either manually thread onto traditional variants or thread through the middle permanent variant.
» Material – remarkable quality, durability, strength & flexibility!

Product Videos

Usage Tips for CARA Full Face Mask


Perfected CARA Mask Diffuse Exhalation System


Test Extreme: Is the CARA Mask Indestructible? NOTE: Tested on CARA nasal mask, full face mask material has the same properties.


Test Extreme: How Flexible is the CARA Mask? NOTE: Tested on CARA nasal mask, full face mask material has the same properties.

Product Packaging & Inclusions

Packaging includes 1 bag, approx. 210mm x 150mm x 100mm (CARA Full Face Mask L)

CARA Full Face Mask L Inclusions:

  • Mask cushion full face CARA, size L
  • Mask frame
  • Set Ball-and-socket joint
  • Rotating sleeve
  • Headgear CARA incl. headgear clips
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