PrismaAQUA Humidifier (Black)

Black humidifier colour matches all Prisma devices except Prisma SMART/SOFT plus & max, click here for white humidifier which colour matches these models.


The high-performance and highly efficient humidifier PrismaAQUA is intended for use with PrismaLINE premium devices for sleep therapy from Lowenstein. With convenient pre-heating function and optional heated breathing tube.

Cleaning & Using the Humidifier PrismaAQUA

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PrismaAQUA User Manual

Declaration of Conformity

PrismaAQUA Declaration of Conformity

Product Features

  • 400mL volume – less chance of needing a refill during the night
  • Easy fill through the side with convenient measuring line on the base of the tub
  • Consists of 4 modular components which can be dismantled for thorough individual clean, all components are fully dishwasher-safe
  • Heater rod element is not prone to issues such as breakage, rust, cracks, loss of seal, or damage to nearby plastic
  • Heater rod has sensors to turn off if water level ever drops too low rather than continue to heat

Product Videos

Cleaning & Using the Humidifier PrismaAQUA


Using PrismaAQUA with Prisma SMART & SOFT


Using PrismaAQUA with PrismaLINE Devices

Product Packaging & Inclusions

Packaging consists of 1 box, approx. 200mm x 170mm x 150mm (PrismaAQUA Humidifier)

PrismaAQUA Humidifier inclusions:

  • Upper part of housing
  • Humidifier tub
  • Humidifier insert
  • Heater rod
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