The CARA range – unique design + exceptional quality

5 October 2022

The impressive CARA mask for APAP/CPAP, designed and made in Germany by Löwenstein Medical, won the international design prize “Focus Open” in 2018. In addition, the headgear received the Hohenstein Institute’s internationally recognized OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 seal, for which only trouble-free textiles with no substances harmful to human health are eligible.

The CARA comes in conventional full face and conventional nasal designs, each with 3 sizes. CARA masks are one of the quietest designs available, utilising a unique subtle slotted exhalation system which is carefully designed to diffuse expired air in a direction that does not bounce off the pillow nor disturb one’s bed partner.

The mask frame is durable, flexible, lightweight, slim, and strong. This is why the CARA mask comes with a remarkable 6-month warranty.

In partnership with Löwenstein Medical, Santé has recently delivered improved pricing efficiency on the German-made CARA mask, placing it at a much more competitive price point than other reputable brands.

From materials and strength, through to purchase price and user experience, the CARA mask exhibits extraordinary quality!

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