Prisma20A APAP Therapy Set with PrismaAQUA & Heated Tube & Modem for Prisma CLOUD incl. 5 years data transmission

Prisma20A Complete Package


The Prisma20A APAP (auto-CPAP) device in the premium prismaLINE from Löwenstein Medical fulfils all the prerequisites for successful treatment of OSA. It has a functional operating panel with large touch screen, excellent motor with high-performance reserves and provides intelligent pressure regulation in the respiratory cycle. The Prisma20A is equipped with several comfort functions and the validated auto-CPAP algorithm with Forced Oscillation Technique technology. The device comes complete with large 400ml click-into-place PrismaAQUA humidifier and a heated breathing tube

Featuring highly similar pragmatic design & functionality to the Prisma SMART with the same proven algorithm offering a proactive, efficient and stable treatment, Prisma20A comprises a number of special extra features to provide a high-end package. These include: colour touch screen, integrated port for heated tube, SoftPAP 3 setting with inspiration support as well as moderate expiration relief, 7 humidification levels, Smart Aqua Control (SAC) providing warm-up boost and humidification compensation during leakage, ability to preheat humidifier, alarm clock, language settings (different for patient & expert menu), independent autoSTART/STOP settings, and ability to set alarms for leak/disconnection.

Product Downloads

Advertising Material & Technical Information

Prisma20A Specification Sheet

Prisma APP (Using additional modem accessory)

Manuals (different languages available at request)

PrismaLINE User Manual

PrismaLINE Clinician Manual

PrismaLINE Setting Document (Brief operating instructions for medical staff)

PrismaAQUA User Manual

Prisma 20A/C Setting Up Tutorial

Prisma 20A/C Provider Quick Guide

Declaration of Conformity

PrismaLINE Declaration of Conformity

PrismaAQUA Declaration of Conformity

Product Features


  • CPAP
  • APAP (autoCPAP)
  • Two algorithm settings (standard & dynamic) on APAP to best suit patient needs. Standard maximises patient acceptance through lowest possible pressures. Dynamic is more responsive to flow limitations for maximum numerical result and proactivity.


  • FOT to distinguish central from obstructive apnoea
  • Automatic needs-oriented pressure adjustment in phases of high pressure variability (APAP)

Compliance & Comfort

  • Mask test ensures a comfortable and secure fit of the mask even at rising pressure levels during the night.
  • Qualitative leakage display during therapy
  • SoftPAP (Pressure Relief) with 3 levels: 1 (mild expiration relief), 2 (moderate expiration relief), 3 (moderate expiration relief and initial inspiration support)
  • AutoSTART & AutoSTOP as 2 independent functions depending on what suits the patient
  • Alarm clock function
  • Modern colour touch screen (no blue light). This display is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • 400ml volume of PrismaAQUA humidifier requires less refilling. Issue-free heater rod with switch-off sensors to avoid overheating
  • Humidifier warm-up boost & humidification leak compensation via Smart Aqua Control (SAC)
  • Heated tube with an integrated port in the device to plug into – this particular tube provides pronounced warmth.
  • 7 levels of humidification
  • Ability to preheat humidifier

Data Review:

  • Innovative Prisma RECOVER algorithm provides an estimated deep sleep indicator by analysing variability of respiratory minute volume
  • Patient can review usage, AHI & leakage on device (if enabled by clinician)
  • My Prisma Journal online platform for patient to track therapy including deep sleep
  • Patient can connect to Prisma APP for checking therapy, generating reports and setting goals (when modem is connected)
  • Remote monitoring and setting of therapy parameters via Prisma CLOUD (when modem is connected)
  • Convenient data and device management with PC-software prismaTS. Clearly presented extensive statistical data & detailed signal view available.
  • SD card to optimize work processes
  • Micro-USB cable connection to device as another option for work processes
  • Language can be adjusted between patient and clinician menus

Treatment Efficacy:

  • Advanced algorithm consistently achieves clinical efficacy (AHI<5/hr) with the following further clinical benefits (The Lowenstein Difference):
    • Prisma RECOVER – Innovative feature that estimates deep sleep.
    • High accuracy of AHI detection via FOT (Forced Oscillation Technique)
    • Proactive algorithm regulation
    • Dynamic & Standard Algorithm Options – see below
    • Stability of Pressure Adjustment – therapeutically effective with no unnecessary fluctuation
    • Efficiency of pressure – consistently low Pmax & Pmean
    • No compromise on clinical outcome with pressure relief SoftPAP
  • Less high pressures and fluctuations causing mask leakage & therefore less arousals independent of AHI, users report being able to wear mask looser
  • Users report increased motivation & productivity through waking up alert, energised & fresh

Product Packaging & Inclusions

Packaging includes 2 boxes and 1 bag.

  1. Box 1: 540x285x210 (Prisma20A APAP Therapy Set with PrismaAQUA)
  2. Box 2:
  3. Bag: 310x175x25 (PrismaHYBERNITE Heated Breathing Tube)

Prisma20A APAP Therapy Set with PrismaAQUA Inclusions:

  • Prisma20A basic device
  • PrismaBAG premium, carrying bag
  • Breathing tube, 22 mm
  • Power supply unit
  • Main power cable AU/NZ type I
  • Set of 2 air filters
  • SD card
  • PrismaAQUA humidifier
  • Instructions for use prisma20C/20A/CR/25S/
    25S-C/25ST/30ST/30ST-C/LAB, EN
  • Instructions for use prismaAQUA DE, EN, FR, NL, IT, TR, ES(MX)

PrismaHYBERNITE Heated Breathing Tube (WM29083): No further inclusions.


Modem for Prisma CLOUD incl. 5 years data transmission (WM31770): No further inclusions.

Product Videos

PrismaLINE Setting Up


Therapy Start and End with Prisma Touchscreen


PrismaLINE Adjusting Therapy


PrismaLINE SD Card


Cleaning and Using the Humidifier PrismaAQUA


Using PrismaAQUA with PrismaLINE Devices

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