Bluetooth + Remote Connectivity – A Game Changer?

18 July 2022

‘Remote connectivity’ is a term applied to sleep apnoea devices which refers to the ability to wirelessly review machine data and make setting changes. Not only is this property highly convenient for reporting purposes, but it can also yield excellent therapy improvements and outcome through timely interventions. The Löwenstein Prisma SMART & Prisma SOFT max (APAP/CPAP respectively) and Prisma20A & Prisma20C (APAP/CPAP devices, respectively) offer remote connectivity via Bluetooth and cellular modem.

Löwenstein’s online Prisma CLOUD platform provides the ‘remote connectivity’ function, and can be accessed via any supported internet browser (e.g. Chrome). This not only allows clinicians to have full advantages of accessing patient data remotely, but also the options to fine-tune therapy settings to maximise the balance and quality of the patient’s sleep through its state-of-the-art algorithm and comfort functions. All this comes on an intuitive, professional, and user-friendly website. Unique to the Löwenstein Prisma range and derived from stable breathing phases, users, clinicians, and physicians will also be more aware of the quality of sleep received through the ‘Deep Sleep Indicator’ scores after every night’s use. This helps to make informed therapy changes if required. This has even been shown to help improve compliance and outcome – talk about a game changer! The deep sleep score can be seen on Prisma CLOUD reports or on the mobile device of the user through the ‘Prisma APP’ (available for download on the App Store and Google Play store).

The benefits of remote connectivity are broad and can be especially relevant for certain occupations that rely on PAP compliance data, e.g., haulage and pilots. It is also a preferred and valuable option for those who live remotely to reduce travel for prescription changes or routine checks.

The Prisma20A & Prisma20C (and other touch screen devices) use a modem attachment providing full remote connectivity and Bluetooth function. Prisma SMART max & Prisma SOFT max have inbuilt modem & Bluetooth imbedded within the device. Either way, this provides an excellent way of staying connected and staying on top of therapy!

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